• Mamas & Papas 振動牙膠型 嬰兒車吊飾

Mamas & Papas 振動牙膠型 嬰兒車吊飾


The Mamas & Papas Juddering Monkey helps to promote fine motor skills by involving more precise movement of baby's muscles. It stimulates the senses through sight, touch and sound.We understand babies start learning from birth and that stimulation, interaction and encouragement are vital to your baby's development. To help give your baby the best start in life, our Babyplay range is designed to maximize your baby's development though interaction, stimulation, problem solving and play, resulting in enjoyable and fun learning time for you both.


  • Pulling the monkey's tail activates a vibrating system that helps stimulate baby's senses
  • The teether helps to soothe baby's sore gums
  • Easily attaches to prams, strollers and infant carriers with handy 'C' ring


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Mamas & Papas 振動牙膠型 嬰兒車吊飾

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  • HK$174


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