Konfidence 嬰幼兒游泳防水耳套 Aquabands






Baby 45 cm
Child 52 cm
Adult 58 cm

Young or old not everyone likes getting water in their ears, that's why our Aqua Bands are such a great idea. Available in a choice of 3 sizes; baby, child or adult, the Velcro® design means they can easily adjust to any size head creating a snug fit.

    • Act as a great splashguard to keep water out of ears
    • The headband helps to prevent ear infections including Glue Ear
    • Supplied with optional mouldable silicon ear plugs to offer further protection if required (full Instructions are provided)
    • A handy storage case keeps them clean and safe when not in use.


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Konfidence 嬰幼兒游泳防水耳套 Aquabands

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