Inglesina Swift 超輕型嬰兒手推車




輕便推車使用更簡單 讓寶寶與你翱翔城市~

Swift is the perfect “second stroller”.

Basic and practical, Swift is the lightest Inglesina stroller and makes the perfect “second stroller” to keep at the grandparent’s house or for travelling.

The fact that it is lightweight and closes by folding into two makes it practical for parents because it is comfortable to take and store anywhere.

The reclining backrest and front sun shade on the canopy help keep the baby comfortable.

It comes in four trendy colours with a cute polka dot pattern.

Lightweight, only 6 Kg

You can take it anywhere effortlessly.


Once open, it is only 48 cm wide. This allows moving even around the narrowest spaces, such as old lifts, crowded pavements and public transport.


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Inglesina Swift 超輕型嬰兒手推車

  • 型號: 437
  • 庫存狀態: 可預訂
  • HK$1,499